Last chance to stop more ethanol


Bigger ethanol mandates will be another step in the wrong direction for our boating customers. That’s the indisputable truth about any mandate under consideration that would increase the amount of corn ethanol required to be blended into our gasoline supplies.

If you haven’t been following this issue lately, the Trump administration is being heavily pressured by corn and ethanol lobbies to make the Renewable Fuel Standard, the biggest ethanol mandate in history, even bigger. They recently released a proposal that would demand upwards of 770 million more gallons of ethanol be blended into gas supplies by refiners under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The problem is that there is not any higher demand for gasoline in the United States. So, any mandated increase will mean the amount of ethanol in each gallon would have to be increased, thus slapping a whole set of new problems on the nation’s boating families. Moreover, the result of such an increased mandate will not help farmers. And it will definitely not improve the environment.

If the Environmental Protection Agency, which is currently deciding whether to increase the amount of ethanol, knuckles under to the pressure and adds to an already unworkable mandate, the result will be increased costs for consumers. It will cause higher imports of expensive foreign biodiesel, threaten American manufacturing jobs and greatly increase the likelihood of misfueling for all our nation’s millions of boating families.

ACTION: The EPA is taking comments right now BUT the time to make your voice heard and submit your opposition will end this Friday (November 29). So, if haven’t acted before now, this is your last chance to weigh in. It’s critical that you do so.

Let the President and EPA know where you stand. to let them know this proposal goes too far. The unworkable RFS mandate needs to be brought in line with reality.

Send Your Comment to the EPA!

Want to do more? Go one step farther and copy/paste the link below to all your employees, family and customers so they can submit their own comment and be part of the effort to keep the broken ethanol mandate from becoming bigger:

Remind everyone that ethanol is a highly corrosive product that can cause damage in most engines when used in concentrations higher than 10 percent (E10). Moreover, requiring refiners to blend in more ethanol defies the fact that the current gasoline supply cannot safely accommodate more. 


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