More new dealer materials from Discover Boating

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The Discover Boating team’s decision to bring back the popular “Welcome to the Water” theme for this year’s national campaign is being widely applauded. That’s because with it come some outstanding new materials that dealers can utilize in social media programs, on websites and for in-store promotions.

“Welcome to the Water” is the common thread across all marketing efforts already underway for this summer. The national campaign is laser-focused on attracting new, younger and more diverse audiences by demonstrating the emotional appeal of boating. Primarily running in digital video and social media, the campaign features a variety of activities and encourages people to go boating today.

It’s the new materials created earlier this spring that give dealers a boost in their own marketing efforts. For example, in last Thursday’s Dealer Outlook, I described the launch of a new social content resource program that will provide dealers (and all industry stakeholders) with free boating lifestyle content for use on social channels. It’s called Get Social with Discover Boating, and it’s a great resource for free lifestyle content. But there’s a lot more.

There are new 15- and 30-second spots that can be used any time of the year — on websites, social media, cable TV, digital video ads and more. Not only can you use these in your social media and local advertising efforts, but the Discover Boating team will help add your dealership logo and voiceover to the spots. In other words, the campaign has taken the best performing content out of the social media photography archives, added in the new content and is giving all industry stakeholders access to post this content directly on their pages.

“I see all this benefiting dealers, marinas, brokers and anyone else in our industry who is looking for more quality content,” said Joe Lewis, chairman of the industry’s Grow Boating initiative. “It will expand each user’s outreach to new boaters with professionally created content. In fact, there’s a wealth of great material now available, and the DB team is ready to help anyone get what they need.”

Take a look at the newest videos here. Specifically, check out the bottom row of 30-second spots to see two sample videos with a dealer tag using Joe Lewis’ Mount Dora Boating Center & Marina. You can get the ball rolling today by contacting Freya Olsen at

It’s also notable that Discover Boating is conducting a small television advertising test in three markets across the country with the goal of identifying the impact of cable TV as part of the overall campaign media mix. Commercials will air in Charlotte, Indianapolis and Seattle in June and July across 25 to 30 cable networks. These include ESPN, HGTV, CMT and TBS, through traditional cable providers, satellite services and on-demand platforms to reach audiences no matter how they’re consuming programming.

The objective of the overall national campaign is to drive people to, which has been overhauled to provide an enhanced user experience, with simplified navigation and a customer journey path. The updates help visitors easily find the information they’re looking for to get started in boating, including the popular Boat Finder tool, which outlines boat types and directs users to corresponding brands when they’re ready to shop. It also features the Go Boating Today tool, Boat Loan Calculator, boat shopping tips, owning/operating information and much more.

Discover Boating is also working with a variety of influencers in traditional media and social media to share boating stories and adventures with their readers, followers and networks. Influencer partnerships throughout the summer, and across the United States, focus on coverage of their on-water experiences, benefits of boating and the latest boating trends. There’s also a full line-up of activities throughout the summer, including media events and influencer/blogger engagement. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, author of “Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected and Better at What You Do,” will be sharing his findings on the wellness benefits of life on the water.

Finally, the program has a virtual library of the best photos, videos and information sections that dealers can utilize in their own marketing programs. While the hardest thing for dealers today is likely keeping content fresh in social media and on websites, help from Discover Boating is yours for the asking and, as such, is an invaluable program that can benefit every dealer.


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