Remember the pleasure


In 2005, the National Marine Manufacturers Association conducted a survey that concluded boating is one of the top three stress relieving activities. Gently lapping waves and briny breezes wash away the troubles of the day. 

As soon as you cast off, you begin to leave your troubles behind. Drop a line and listen to nature while enjoying the seclusion of fishing, or bring the family and have a lazy day in the sun. Above all, owning a boat improves quality of life. Whether enjoying the warm glow of an evening sunset or bouncing on a wakeboard, a boat has something to enrich everyone’s lives. Boating promotes bonding with family and friends by providing quality time that may include sporting activities or social time at the beach. Although private time on your boat is an excellent way to get away from it all, most boaters are rarely alone; boats are usually filled with friends and family having a good time.

For those concerned with budgets, boating provides convenient access to vacations. There is a world of adventure and excitement available to boaters and it is just a short cruise away. Boating is a wholly engaging and rewarding experience. It provides opportunities for personal growth.

The challenge of becoming proficient or catching your dinner satisfies the human instinct for success. Time for reflection and spending time with loved ones allows emotional growth. It is also good exercise and promotes good health. Simply breathing in brisk, fresh air will strengthen a person’s constitution, add the benefits of relaxation and stress relief, and you are on your way to the rosy glow of health.

Sports, such as water-skiing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, kayaking, tubing, and jet skiing are great physical activities that are fun and maintain physical fitness. For those without a boat, there are economic benefits through industry. Recreational boating and everything involved with it is a multi-million dollar business in states with waterway access. From manufacturers and marina owners to restaurant owners and insurance people, the pleasures of boating have a monetary impact on many people’s livelihoods. Therefore, it is a major asset to both local and federal economic growth.

With frost on the ground and flakes falling down, it’s not too early to think about the balmy days ahead. Remember the pleasure of lounging on a sunny deck without a care in the world. After all, it’s not too far away.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of boating? What are your favorite ways to relax while on the water?

Lori DiTaranto
Association of Marine Industries


Live from Dealer Week

Our live-streamed interviews from the final day of the show included MRAA president Matt Gruhn and vice president Liz Walz, Eric Smith of Colorado Boat Center, and Lou Cecchini of Off Shore Marine.