Some twisted carols and hopes ahead

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Oh EPA, Oh EPA, it’s time to end the fooling

You’ve had your day, it’s go away, you’re ’bout to get retooling!

No more shall you see overreach, ignore what’s best and blindly preach,

Oh EPA, Oh EPA, the changes have us drooling!

Do You Hear What I Say

Said the blogger to his reader list, do you hear what I hear? (do you hear what I hear?)

The Colossus of Follicles is here. (Do you hear what I hear?)

The DOJ is shaking in its boots. Neglected law is coming to an end.

And the regs-killing jobs are gonna bend!

God Rest Ye Merry NMFS

God rest ye merry National Marine Fisheries Services, it’s time to see the facts,

Our fisheries need changes now, take regs off anglers’ backs;

Your science stinks, conclusions wrong, we private anglers say,

Oh, oh, time to move or get out of the way, out of the way; oh, oh time to move or get out of the way!

All I Want for Christmas

All I want from Congress in a tax cut bill, a tax cut bill, yes, a tax cut bill,

Gee if I could only have a tax cut bill, then I could grow and even prosper!

Pardon my Christmas musical spirit. But the way the Trumpsters are filling the cabinet and other key posts, one can’t help feeling joy that we appear to be heading for better economic times. One thing seems certain: eight years of agencies negatively impacting our small businesses by appropriating to themselves powers they do not have is coming to an end. Tax cuts, major infrastructure spending, increased wages and many other expected policy changes all foretell of a better business climate.

So, as Dealer Outlook will not return until the Jan. 3 edition of TradeOnlyToday, thank you for being a reader. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and a most exciting and prosperous New Year.


Towing a bigger pyramid

The Rock Aqua Jays water-skiing team, with a Guinness World Record for the largest human pyramid, recently upgraded its towboat to Mercury Racing’s 300R outboards.