Take time to deal with environmental issues


You’re running a business in the marine industry and being dragged in many directions every day, watching market trends, managing employees, enhancing current models and launching new products. 

You are looking for new craftsmen and a receptionist and trying to figure out how to lower your insurance payments. Your electric bill just came in and so did deregulation so the amount has an extra digit this month. Here in New England we are also looking over our shoulders wondering if winter is here or if it’s time to start relaunching the storage fleet. 

The point is, you have many different subjects to deal with, they are all important and the day only has so many hours. Well, start setting aside time to deal with environmental subjects like the hot button issues of stormwater plans and hazardous waste plans. 

Our EPA regional office in Boston is out and about, checking dumpsters for the wrong waste in the wrong bin and asking to see your SPCC plans. These are issues you’ve probably ignored for years but the regulations really have been on the books for those same years. 

Now they will cost you money and the amount can be very large. A boatyard in Rhode Island was fined in excess of $200,000 for not handling their painting and sanding waste properly and failure to have a completed plan in hand just cost a Connecticut facility $3,000.

You have to be a good manager to run a marine business today but now you have to be just that much more. 

Grant W. Westerson
Executive Director
CT Marine Trades Association



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