Twelve New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

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Almost all of us make resolutions for New Years. Most often they’re about losing weight, which is clearly mine, since I broke a shoeshine at the airport yesterday. The problem was that when I looked down, I realized that I had to take the guy’s word for it!

Ah, but studies predict most of us will forget our resolutions by February anyway! So, instead of some personal resolutions, how about making some smart business resolutions for your dealership this year? Thanks to Customer Guru, here are 12 customer-centric suggestions that could be printed out and placed on your desk or wall as reminders to keep going past February:

  1. I will create a customer-centric culture in the DNA of our dealership.
  2. I will ensure all employees are aligned with our customer-centric vision.
  3. I will empower my employees to provide the best customer experience every time.
  4. I will strive to keep our team fully informed, engaged and a part of our success.
  5. I will look for innovative ideas that can make life for our customers easier and better.
  6. I will regularly engage with customers through all channels to build win-win relationships.
  7. I will learn about and leverage today’s technology to deliver a better experience to our customers.
  8. I will listen carefully, as will all our team members, and respond well to customer concerns.
  9. I will never over-promise to any customer.
  10. I will always look at any negative feedback as an opportunity to learn, improve and grow.
  11. I will take ownership when things go wrong or plans don’t work as expected.
  12. And the Golden Resolution: I will always aim to treat our customers the way I would want to be treated.

As we begin the eleventh year of Dealer Outlook, the goal remains the same: to offer news and ideas that help our industry’s marine retailers to be more successful. To that end, we welcome every comment and suggestion from dealers about this blog’s content.

When I first started writing in 2008, there were relatively few blogs. Clearly Trade Only’s foresight about the potential value of blogs meant getting in early. Since then, blogs have become widespread sources of news, observations, opinions and comments. They’re really designed to dialogue about ideas and events.

So, going into 2019, I genuinely appreciate all who read my words and especially those who take time to offer ideas and suggestions. Often, you may disagree with my opinion and such comments are especially appreciated. So keep them coming.

In the meanwhile, boating is on a roll and all indications are that we’ll stay that way in 2019. So, to all – Happy New Year!


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