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Two rising stars — the economy and Discover Boating

There’s encouraging news worth noting on two fronts — a rising consumer confidence index and recognition for the industry’s ongoing Discover Boating campaign.

An expectation that the economy will continue to grow and incomes will rise is the latest good news coming out of the University of Michigan’s consumer confidence index. Last Friday, it was revealed that the confidence of consumers rose from 82.5 in August to 84.6 in September. It’s the second-highest level in the last seven years, moving ever closer to the 90 level that was typical before the Great Recession. Historically, growth in future boat sales has paralleled the index.

In another positive, the economic bounce-back from the miserable winter quarter earlier this year has proven even better than originally indicated. It’s a strong sign that growth will likely remain solid for the balance of the year — and that’s good news for the industry’s fall boat shows still ahead.

Specifically, the economy as measured by the gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of 4.6 percent in the April-June quarter, better than the 4.2 percent identified earlier by the Department of Commerce. The upward adjustment is particularly welcomed since most GDP revisions in recent years have been downward. Increased business investments and exports appear to have led the way.

Meanwhile, it was move over Google, Coca-Cola, Motorola and other big names to make room for Discover Boating. The Discover Boating campaign raked in seven top awards for outstanding work in branded content, Web features and Web video. Not surprising, Discover Boating’s “Stories of Discovery” series garnered the awards for creative excellence on the Web from the International Academy of Visual Arts.

The “Stories of Discovery” series offers insight into real boaters’ lives on the water through documentary-style videos. These videos have been featured throughout the Discover Boating campaign this year. They’ve appeared across advertising, social media and PR campaigns and they’re aimed squarely at helping introduce more people to the benefits of the boating lifestyle.

The top video features country superstar Jake Owen describing his passion for boating and how it influences his music and his life. It is action and it’s real.

The second video captures the Puget Sound’s Ader family aboard their cruiser. They share the impact boating is having on the three generations of their family. It is a warm and touching story.

The latest video looks into the meaning of boating to the Vazquez family and captures the different ways they make family memories each time they leave the dock. This video is the first one available in both English and Spanish language versions and was co-produced by Discover Boating and the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation as a part of the latter’s five-year Hispanic outreach program.

Best of all, these award-winning videos are available to marine dealers free of charge to incorporate into their websites. To add them, simply click here and find out how or go to

The videos are a collaborative effort between Discover Boating and its marketing partner Olson Agency.


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