U.S. YachtWorld brokers rang up $3.1B in 2008


Any way you look at 2008, it was a benchmark year, and all 2009 activities are going to be judged against it.


With this in mind, here are some key 2008 YachtWorld.com numbers that will provide guidance as to how 2009 compares:

• As of Dec. 31 there were 1,498 U.S. brokerages and 1,037 international brokerages active on the site.

• During the course of the year, 55,200 new brokerage yachts were listed in the U.S., worth $18.9 billion.

• A total of 18,510 brokerage yachts were sold by U.S. brokers, worth $3.1 billion.

• May was the best month for sales, with 12 percent of the total volume, followed by July and April, each with 11 percent.

• The average daily number of U.S. page views was 918,000 and, on average, daily unique U.S. visitors totaled 35,000.

• The most popular day of the week for site visits was Monday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday.

This article originally appeared in the February 2009 issue.


‘All cylinders firing’

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