Vacation at home on your boat


I was on a boat ride the other night and a couple told me about all the enjoyment they received with their boat and how their boat was the vacation spot for their family when the kids were younger. Weekends and summers were always spent on the boat.

The kids are grown now, and this couple sold their boat. They’re looking to other ways to rest and relax. They no longer wanted to maintain and upkeep the boat without any help from the kids who have gone in different directions.

Given today’s distressed economy, people may think twice about taking a family vacation; but a boat just may be their vacation spot.

Perhaps that concept, coupled with the boating lifestyle, could turn some heads as potential buyers contemplate buying a boat.

Just a thought.

Let me know what you think.

By the way, I checked in with AAA to find out the average cost of taking a vacation these days and it did not have that information.

However, it did provide a snapshot of what it would cost, on average, to get away for the Fourth of July weekend.

The average cost to stay at a three diamond hotel, depending on the region, is $156.40 a night. The cost varies from $93 a night in Phoenix to $266 a night in New York.

The average air fare from a variety of cities across the country is $201.55.

The average car rental ranges from $28 a day in Dallas to $89 a day in Denver.

That does not include food and any other expenses, such as tourist fees.

So whatever you do this holiday weekend, be safe and enjoy the water.

Lois Caliri