‘Vacation on Demand’ is a winning theme


In what might be the best theme yet to lead the industry’s national Discover Boating campaign this year, “Vacation on Demand” will really “sell” what boating is all about. Moreover, it’s a theme that every dealer can identify with, adapt and capitalize on.

Introduced to the industry this week, the “Vacation on Demand” commercial is actually a result of last December’s Grow Boating Summit that unanimously identified the Discover Boating campaign’s key role in attracting the first-time boat buyers. So this year’s Discover Boating focus will go straight to the goal of showing people the ways boating means relaxation, escape, fun, being outdoors, connecting with family and friends and more — any time they want it.

For dealers, it’s important to recognize “Vacation on Demand” is being integrated across all key Discover Boating marketing programs, including digital advertising, public relations, influencer engagement and social media, to help attract the next generation of boat owners.

For example, it’s even running on the new geo-targeted Facebook in which the ad is triggered when someone is near a body of water. It’s an innovative way that Discover Boating is able to connect with potential first-time buyers on a much more local level. But there’s even more to geo-targeting.

The new ad provides a personalized recommendation for how, where, when and why that person can get on the water by connecting them with boating opportunities nearby. Add in some photos, videos and updates from others out on the water on the same area in the area and the boating message will be inescapable.

For dealers, here are several important things to consider: First, a crucial part of the Discover Boating campaign is how it connects potential first-time buyers with brands. The DiscoverBoating.com website is a hub for prospects shopping or exploring ownership by sending people along to boat brand websites. This is aptly known as “referrals.”

Manufacturers that are actively pursuing these referrals and nurturing them as part of their marketing efforts are reporting excellent results from the Discover Boating campaign. (To learn more about referrals click here for a short video.)

The bottom line on referrals is that dealers should discuss with their builder just how the latter is conveying such important and promising information to the retail level.

Secondly, the powerful suggestion that there’s a “Vacation on Demand” offering a range of boating activities needs to be evident at the dealership level to cash in on its full potential. After all, the hard creative work has been done by the Discover Boating team. Dealers just need to capitalize on it by prominently carrying the theme throughout the showroom, in advertising, on their website, at fall boat shows and so on.

The truth is there’s so much free material available to dealers in the industry’s Grow Boating program (www.growboating.org), it astounds me that any dealer would fail to access the myriad resources available. But don’t take my word on it. See for yourself what’s available to you. It will blow your mind.

Finally, two more connections: Check out the new Discover Boating video right now. It reveals the many sides and activities of boating, from hoisting a sail to flipping a burger. And, if you’ve got a question about taking advantage of the Discover Boating campaign, you can simply contact support@discoverboating.com.


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