What are you expecting in Miami?


It occurred to me the other day I haven’t touched a snow shovel in a year; an odd winter in New England. It is cold, though, another reason to pack my polo shirts and fly down to the Miami International Boat Show next week.

Are you going too? What are you expecting to find? Will higher fuel costs and higher interest rates than past years have an impact?

What are you expecting this year?

Our editorial team from Soundings magazine and Soundings Trade Only will be there too, looking for boats and gear and meeting up with people.

But we’re also looking for trends.

The Miami show is one of the most important events of the year. It helps us get an idea fairly early on how the year might go. We ask a lot of questions, and I’d like to ask you some of them now:

Are you expecting boat sales to be up or down this year?

Are gas and resin prices going to be a factor in sales, or even in turnout at the show?
What news themes do you think will emerge this year? Are there new solutions to marine access? What progress are dealers and manufacturers making on fair contracts? Can independent boat builders compete in the marketplace or will consolidation push them out?

What will you be thinking when you’re coming out of the Grow Boating meeting this year?
What new boats and technology are you expecting?

Tell me what you expect to see and hear in Miami by filing a comment below.

Even if you’re not going, I’d like to hear what you expect in 2007 for the boating industry.
If you’d rather tell me in person, drop by our booth (R-71 in the main convention center) or look for me in and around the press room. I’m the guy in the polo shirt, with no suntan.

Ian C. Bowen
Editorial Director
Soundings Publications LLC



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