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Florida Changes Bluefish Regulations

Bluefish are a popular target for anglers along the Atlantic coast.

Bluefish are a popular target for anglers along the Atlantic coast.

Daily bag limits for bluefish in Florida are dropping from 10 fish to three per person after changes to the regulations go into effect Oct. 26.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission approved changes along the Atlantic coast from Nassau through Miami-Dade. The regulations on daily bag limits does not extend into federal waters of the Atlantic.

A 2019 federal stock assessment found that Atlantic bluefish — which makes up a single population from Maine through the Atlantic coast of Florida — is overfished.

Because of the assessment results, federal fishery managers adopted more restrictive recreational bag limits in Atlantic federal waters, and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission requested states implement similar regulations.

Updated regulations for bluefish.

Updated regulations for bluefish.


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