FWC seeks angler help in tournament study


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is seeking angler input for an economic study of fishing tournaments. The group said the information will be used to better understand the economic impacts of tournaments at local and state levels, and to inform lake management actions.

Anglers who fish a tournament on Lake Okeechobee between Oct. 1, 2019, and Sept. 31, 2020, can expect to receive a request for tournament-related voluntary information, according to the FWC. Surveys will be distributed to tournament directors once a permit is requested.

FWC is requesting that tournament directors forward the email and survey link to participating anglers before the tournament, and that anglers respond as quickly as possible after the tourney. Responses will be kept confidential and will not be associated with any personal identifying information.

After completing the survey, anglers will receive a product discount from Gambler Lures, which is providing an incentive for participating in the study.