This blogging thing has come a long way, baby! As I reflect back, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been doing it for this long, but Dealer Outlook is now entering its third year at Trade Only Today. Who knew there would be so much content that could be posted? Even more, who knew there would be literally thousands of readers of Dealer Outlook weekly? Certainly not me, at least, not when we started this.

Clearly the Blogosphere, initially derided as a less-than-serious function in cyberspace, has earned its way into the mainstream of Internet life. In the early days, blogging was primarily personal notes and expressions. Today, blogs have evolved into multi-person discussions and serious information sources. Blogs appear in several ways, including: stand-alone blogs; the huge social networks and e-commerce oriented blogs. Why nowadays there is even “micro-blogging” in the form of Twitter, where you can “tweet” about anything as long as you do it in 140 characters.

There’s no question, today we’re seeing “mainstream” media, particularly business-oriented publications, adding blog content to their offerings. In fact, Soundings Trade Only has been the boating industry leader in presenting content variety through blogging. I must say I’ve been most pleased to be included as a small part of that effort.

Overall, according to, it is estimated that in 2009, 96.6 million U.S. Internet users will read a blog at least once per month. Moreover, the numbers of blog readers and creators is projected to keep growing. By 2013, the number of blog readers is expected to rise to 128.2 million people, or a whopping 58 percent of all U.S. users.

So, as I pause to mark the second anniversary of Dealer Outlook, I genuinely thank you for regularly reading this blog. Even more, thank you for commenting and so frequently sharing your experiences, advice and views with all of us. In doing so, you have made this blog worth doing!

As for the next year, I pledge to continue to produce blogs containing usable news, ideas and information that could help improve your business, our industry and the experience of our good customers. 

And to give you a chuckle, here’s today’s humorous video from the recent Discover Boating video contest:


A show before the shows?

Iconic Marine Group to hold client event at its North Carolina headquarters for sea trials and in-depth look at its boatbuilding facilities. A bonus will be meeting Reggie Fountain.