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Can boating help postpone the aging process?

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We assume the aging process lasts longer nowadays because we’re generally living longer. Not true. Yes, the aging process still happens, but once it starts it lasts about the same length of time as it always has. Surprised? Me, too. 

What’s really happening is that the start of the aging process is being postponed more than ever. That’s the conclusion of researchers who have been examining the issues of making right personal decisions, coupled with new medical therapies, that can dramatically boost one’s expectation for a healthy, active life style at late age. And, for the boating business, what they’re finding is good news because it lends itself to the boating life style.

For example, according to research published in the trade journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, researchers found that people are happier when they take two or three short vacations each year, rather than a single long one. Much of this, they contend, is due to the fact that people are happier when they’re anticipating a reward that’s coming than after it has been received. Looking ahead with expectation of a good time is exciting.

Conclusions like that play right into boating’s hand. After all, one of our strongest selling messages has been that boat ownership allows our customers to feel like a vacation every weekend! That feeling makes people happy. And, as reported in the American Journal of Health Promotion, if all else is equal, feeling happy with life makes one healthier, regardless of other factors including exercise and age.

Another positive influence on health and aging is a flexible working schedule. Researchers have apparently found that when people are given some control over their own work schedules, they are generally healthier. Better health leads to postponement of the aging process and longer life. For boating, flexibility in a work schedule can mean customers could have more access to boating on those beautiful days (often weekdays) when the fish are running and the wind isn’t blowing.

What we’re really considering here is the basis for the value propositions that we can communicate to the prospect or customer when selling boats. Selling, after all, is simply convincing the prospect the value to be received from owning the product is worth the price.

But if that’s not encouraging enough for you as a sales person, try this: We should be delighted to focus on the promising fact that there are 70-plus million boomers whose aging process with be postponed by both emerging medical advances and there own healthy life style choices. Facts like that make me optimistic about our future in this business and that should make us all happier . . . and, therefore, healthier.


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