Dealers should attend special Discover Boating webinar


The launch of Discover Boating’s all-new “Welcome to the Water” campaign is happening as you read this, and a special webinar is set for dealers to see what’s happening and learn about the newest resources available.

“It’s much more than a facelift,” says Carl Blackwell, NMMA’s VP of marketing and communications, who will host the webinar. “It’s a genuine redesign with an exciting new theme, new visitor personalization options, and it’s now mobile-friendly to capitalize on the skyrocketing use of smart phones.”

The updated website will boast an array of new action graphics capturing the excitement of boating activities like skiing and fishing, along with new views of the lay-back, great-escape lifestyle that boating means to so many. These include new TV and web videos.

Beyond the glamour graphics, however, are important new business enhancements. Topping the list is a more sophisticated lead generation and nurturing system. It’s expected to provide more consumer data and enhance the quality of leads accessible by dealers and manufacturers.

Let’s not forget that has produced more than a half-million direct referrals to boatbuilder websites and identified more than 190,000 active prospects, of which 19,276 purchased boats. Moreover, according to Michigan State University, an estimated 14,000 boats have been sold to first-time boaters who will now spend a lifetime average of $131,000 on boats and engines. That’s $1.84 billion in lifetime boat sales!

Since it inception in 2006, Discover Boating has been the one program that’s drawn the industry into a united national promotional campaign. Even after the great recession cut funding by 85 percent in 2009, the program continued to successfully leverage the Internet and PR efforts to keep boating before the general public. With the industry’s renewed commitment to the growth of boating by fully restoring the funding, beginning earlier this year, the program is starting its climb back up to the high levels of two years ago. As funding accumulates, more expansion will happen.

Right now, what’s equally important is that the new Discover Boating is loaded with web resources, tools and applications that dealers can utilize. These, along with the campaign’s digital marketing strategy, will be described by Blackwell in the webinar, which I strongly encourage every dealer to attend.

If you’ve never attended a webinar, it’s easy. A webinar (short for Web-based seminar) is a live presentation or workshop transmitted over the Web. A key feature is its interactive elements — the ability to give, receive and discuss information. This contrasts with a webcast, in which the data transmission is one way only.

Here are the details for you to sign up today because space is limited:

Title: Discover Boating campaign launch (U.S. and Canada)
Date: Tuesday, May 17
Time: 2 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Central/11 a.m. Pacific
Register at:


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