Discover Boating videos top 100,000 views

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We’re pushing a year since the industry’s national ad campaign for Discover Boating had to be beached because of the state of industry sales. Hope was to have it return this past June along with an anticipated turnaround in the economy. Neither happened, of course. But that doesn’t mean the Discover Boating program has been shut down. In fact, continues to succeed in taking the boating message to a national audience. As expected, visits to the Web site and requests for the DVD are down from a year ago when the national TV ad campaign was in full swing to drive website traffic. In spite of that, however, good numbers continue to result.

For example, looking at just the month of June, more than 94,000 visitors “clicked” into the Web site. Nearly 2,200 DVD’s were requested and sent out. Search traffic on the site was up 31 percent over a year ago. Interestingly, the top pages visited were the Boat Selector Tool, the Budget Planner page, the Marinas/Ramps Directory and the How I Discovered Boating Video/Photo Contest. In the latter case, those videos (which we’ve been showing you in Dealer Outlooks) have now been viewed more than 100,000 times!

The results are impressive given the fact that the budgets for the program have been chopped like a Ginsu Knives demo. But the Grow Boating team continues to hammer away at the Discover Boating message using PR campaigns, contests and continually adding fresh materials to the Web site.

As it stands now, the postponement of the national ad campaign has been extended to June, 2010. But the program will be examined again beginning next February at the Miami Boat Show. Until then, Discover Boating will continue its promotion of boating using creative tactics to keep the brand alive.

Here’s today’s How I Discovered Boating video: