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Hello and Congratulations. . . By coming to this website I am declaring you a charter member of our all-new DEALER OUTLOOK blog and I’m delighted you’re here at our official Kickoff-Day Party!

I’m also excited about being selected as the Moderator and I’m anxious to get this blog established, the first dedicated Dealer blog in our industry. As I see it, this will be a dependable place where you will find issues of importance to the boating industry, in general, and effecting retail dealers, in particular. It will also be a place where we can explore new ideas, concepts and practices that could mean more success on the showroom floor where it really counts for dealers. In fact, if it impacts dealers, from success stories to controversial decisions, we’ll see it as fair game for discussion here in DEALER OUTLOOK!

If you’re a regular blogger somewhere else on the web, you need no introduction to blogging. But if reading a blog, much less making a comment on one, is new to you, welcome to the club. Until now, I admit I haven’t been much of a blogger, either. But I’m convinced, after reflecting on it for considerable time, that DEALER OUTLOOK will serve a genuine purpose of helping dealers in good times and bad. So, my hat’s in and I hope yours is, too.

In simplest terms, a blog is a website. You go to it to read information and opinions on a subject(s) that interests you. Then, if you’re motivated, you add your comments and views on the subject(s) for others to consider. Blogging began in earnest around 1999.

Today, blogs are seriously impacting everything from politics to daily news. Blogs have, in fact, opened the door for virtually anyone to add his or her voice to any subject and be “heard” in that world or, for that matter, all around the world! A blog gives you a place to influence and even cause action. For example, journalism schools today cite blogs as the main influence in the CBS-TV Dan Rather (60 Minutes) scandal. Rather, you’ll recall, presented documents that contended the accepted accounts of President Bush's military service record were fake. But bloggers claimed the Rather documents were the forged ones and presented evidence to back it up. CBS ultimately admitted to “improper reporting” and Rather was history. Similarly recognizing the power of blogs, the 2004 National Conventions of both Republican and Democratic Parties credentialed bloggers just like reporters, and profusely used blogs as part of each party’s publicity programs. Yes, blogs have power.

Lest you subscribe to the popular image that blogs are mainly written by unhappy loners crouched over a keyboard somewhere in a damp basement, let me set the record straight – I’m not a loner and I don’t even have a basement. Instead, I intend to tap into the vast knowledge of many leaders in our industry for ideas, opinions and suggestions. Frankly, I think there is nothing better than a good success story of one dealer that can be adapted by many others. I also think that industry issues, particularly ones that may be dubbed controversial, need to be openly discussed. We’ll do it without reservation.

So, I believe as you regularly join DEALER OUTLOOK, this new undertaking will win your approval and your faithful attendance as we attempt to bring you practical ideas and theoretical insight into matters of economic, cultural and operating importance.

That’s the way I see it, how about you?



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