Important webinar set for dealers/marina operators


Over the next five years, at least 30 state regulatory agencies will review and renew their marine general NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permits. Mandated by the Clean Water Act, these permits regulate, for example, discharges of copper bottom paint and bottom cleaning methods used by marinas. 

Dealer/marina owners should expect there will be new, undoubtedly heightened, allowable limits of these discharges that will directly impact the type and costs of services a marina can offer along with the equipment that may be needed to continue such everyday operations.

To increase awareness of affected marine businesses, NMMA and AMI will present a free, 45-minute webinar on Friday, April 8 at 2 p.m. (EDT). The webinar will cover:

1. An overview of the NPDES/Clean Water Act permitting process
2. The specific language needed to understand the permit process
3. Content and facts about copper bottom paint and alternatives

Notably, the webinar is especially targeted for all marine trade association executives and marina operators who can attend a special two-hour in-depth program as part of the American Boating Congress on May 4 in Washington, D.C.. Included in that presentation will be specific ways to advocate for reasonable discharge permit limits along with first-hand experiences from industry members in states where these permits have already been established.

NMMA’s Cindy Squires, chief council and director of regulatory affairs will moderate the webinar along with David Dickerson, NMMA’s director of state government relations. Featured speakers include Richard S. Davis, a partner at Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. who has practiced almost exclusively under the federal Clean Water Act since 1981 and has chaired or co-chaired the firm’s Clean Water Practice Group for more than 15 years.

Also participating in the webinar will be Neal Blossom, director of research and environmental affairs for American Chemet Corporation. He was founding chairman of the US National Paint and Coatings Association’s Marine Antifouling Coatings Task Force, a member of the EU Copper Antifouling Task Force and the International Paint and Print Ink Council Antifouling Working Group. 

Space to attend the webinar is limited. Accordingly, dealer/marina owners and MTA executives should use the following link to register now. After registering, your participation will be confirmed by email which will contain the details you’ll need to connect and join the webinar.

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