New free tools are must for every dealer


Those of you who regularly read this blog know of my disappointment that the “Discover Boating” national ad campaign was dry docked this winter, a victim of the current economy. I believe in that program and look for it to come back ASAP!

But, the lack of TV ads has not meant “Discover Boating” is dormant. In fact, it is very active in PR efforts, digital media, social networking and electronic communications. And, now, as never before, superb new tools are being offered every dealer. It’s an “Offer you can’t refuse!”

The marketing and PR team at NMMA has just created a new “Discover Boating Toolkit.” According to Carl Blackwell, vice president of marketing and communications, the toolkit is loaded with materials that will boost every dealer’s marketing efforts in a first-class manner. Here are some highlights of the new “Discover Boating Toolkit” to whet your appetite:

• You can now add popular “Discover Boating” features to your Web site, customized to fit your needs. Features like: the Spousal Conversion Kit (the most popular section with the media); the Affordability Tool & Budget Planner (a great time to use this); and the award-winning “Good Run” short video. Never seen “Good Run”? You must, because it reminds viewers of the value of building family memories with boats and it will be a great addition to any dealer’s website.

• You can also add some “Boating Guy videos” that effectively address barriers to boat ownership. Plus, any references to the Discover Boating website have been taken out so it will look like it’s your dealership’s “custom content” and it will keep viewers on your site longer.

• The toolkit also contains a selection of PR materials that can be easily personalized. Using these can help you get valuable local media coverage.

• There are timely talking points – both defensive (what to say when the media comes to hound you about the state of the industry) and positive – outlining the benefits of boating. Many of these points can “arm” your sales team when they are asked questions – not just by the media, but by prospects.

• Boost your in-house sales training program with new sales tips from the well respected sales trainer, Glen Roller.

• Need exciting video for your Web site? The toolkit has high quality videos you can download to your website that will help visitors enjoy your site more.

• How would you like immediate access to valuable industry research to help in the development of your business plans and strategies? You got it!

• You can identify ways to maximize leads generated through “Discover Boating.” Yes, the program is still generating leads, even without the national TV spots.

• Review best practices and ideas from dealers around the country about how they’re growing and nurturing their customer base.

DO I have your attention, now? Here, then, are two really important points: (1) All the links to the “Discover Boating” website have been removed from these materials, so it will appear to be your custom content and the viewers stay on your Web site; and (2) It’s FREE! I repeat, FREE!

Says Blackwell: “Our goal is for dealers and manufacturers to make use of this material like it was there own. We’re convinced it will drive sales for those who do."

Frankly, I can’t believe any good dealer won’t! So, get started right now. You’ll find the toolkit at:


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