ABBRA seeks input on annual wage survey


Data collection for the 2013 American Boat Builders & Repairers Association's Compensation and Benefits Survey for Marine Service Employees, formerly known as the Annual Wage Rate Survey, is under way.

ABBRA said the survey is a useful and popular tool for employers in the boatyards and marine service and repair sectors to gauge and compare rates, salaries and benefits in the current market. It also helps employees and independent contractors to better evaluate whether compensation for their work is fair and competitive.

“In today’s dynamic and challenging economy, ABBRA’s Compensation and Benefits Survey aims to expand on its historical role as a comparison of hourly rates and serve as an even more vital resource, providing the marine industry with fundamental and comprehensive information that allows employers to make key decisions regarding salaries and benefits across the industry,” ABBRA executive director Gordon Connell said in a statement.

He noted, “Working with professional survey consultants, we have refined the questionnaire and I am seeking and encouraging broader and greater participation than ever before to ensure we have a substantive response rate and good data to share following our analysis.”

The survey will be distributed to ABBRA members nationally. Other local marine trade associations are being asked to share the survey with their members. The survey will be segmented by state and region, and by revenue and number of employees, and it seeks information on a range of job types, based on the types of positions ABBRA members have identified as most common in today’s boatyards.

Data on hourly wages, average vacation time, health benefits and retirement plans are also being sought in the survey.

Rhode Island-based Survey Advantage is doing the survey on behalf of ABBRA. All data will be analyzed and presented in aggregate.

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