Band of Boaters

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MarineMaxBand of Boating-04102017

MarineMax launched a “brand ambassador campaign” called Band of Boaters. The company said in a statement that the program is in the pilot phase.

“Our goal with the Band of Boaters is to share the enjoyment that can come from being out on the water through real people and real experiences,” said Abbey Heimensen, MarineMax director of marketing, in the statement. “The Band of Boaters will show how boating is shaping their own lives and relationships so others can see the positive impact it can have on their own life.”

The program launched with a social media contest on Instagram that accepted applications and content from boaters around the United States. Finalists were voted upon via the MarineMax Instagram page. Three winners were chosen as the initial members of the Band of Boaters.

“They will go on to share the joys of boating and be brand ambassadors for MarineMax across social media,” Heimensen said. “We plan to continue this program for years to come, giving many different types of boaters from around the nation a way to share their delight in boating.”