Bellingham Marine builds dock system for Florida marina

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City officials joined local boaters to celebrate the completion of a $7.5 million renovation project at Dania Beach Marina in South Florida.

The project included rebuilding the city-owned marina and supporting upland structures.

The new marina features a dock system from Bellingham Marine with the capacity for 120 boats as large as 50 feet. Other improvements include a new pumpout facility, fish-cleaning stations, repairs to the seawall, new shoreside buildings and gazebos with views of the waterfront.

“We’re just thrilled to have the opportunity to create a highly efficient, well-located and beautiful new marina that will be an asset for residents and visitors alike,” Mayor Walter Duke said in a statement.

Bellingham Marine said the Dania Beach facility is the first marina in the country to build a dock system of this type. The new docks are engineered to last for more than 50 years. The concrete floating docks feature corrosion-resistant fiberglass through-rods and a chemical-free, composite waler system.

“The development of a composite waler and fiberglass through-rod system has been a long time in the making,”Bellingham Marine president Everett Babbitt said. “We anticipated the coming of this trend a number of years ago and have been working closely with companies in the composite and fiberglass industries to ensure the development of materials that would meet our strict engineering and performance specifications.”


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