Bellingham Marine completes $1.4M renovation

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Swantown Marina in Washington's Port of Olympia recently completed a $1.4 million renovation project.

The project included the replacement of all wood walers, rub boards, hardware, and deficient weldments. Supplemental flotation was installed to regain original freeboard and to level fingers and walkways. Utilities were improved and selected float modules were resurfaced.

"Some of the finger docks were raised by a good four inches as evidenced by the mud line under the woodwork," said John Thompson, project manager for Port of Olympia, in a statement. "The docks haven't looked this good since they were built."

For the Port of Olympia, the repairs mean another decade or two of revenue before plans for replacement will have to be revisited.

"Depending on the condition of the docks, comprehensive repairs can be a cost-effective way to delay total replacement," said Walt Jackson, manager of project development for Bellingham Marine, the Washington-based marina design/construction company that oversaw the project.

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