Bellingham Marine completes California dock project

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Residents of Coronado Cay's development, Trinidad Village, in Southern California recently traded in their 35-year-old docks for modern concrete floating docks, according to Bellingham Marine, which worked on the project.

Plans called for a complete overhaul, including new docks and anchoring, upgraded utilities and a new layout. The new configuration privatized each of the individual docks and resulted in a number of features the homeowners required: more berths, separate docks for each home and a reduction in the marina's overwater coverage.

The project also called for the complete replacement of Trinidad Village Docks Inc.'s 10 docks adjacent to a common area. They were replaced with "like kind" slips featuring Bellingham Marine's Unifloat technology.

"This was a unique project for us," project supervisor Ammon Riordan said in a statement. "Almost all of the docks were custom in some fashion. Many of the docks were uniquely shaped, with varying gangway orientations and pedestal placements. Some even had a sloped surface for dragging kayaks up onto the dock."