Bellingham Marine completes California marina

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Three years after it was devastated by a tsunami triggered by the 2011 earthquake in Japan, Santa Cruz (Calif.) Harbor is in full operation, with all docks in working order.

The marina was rebuilt through a series of bids and the final price tag was close to $12 million. Twenty docks and about 470 berths were replaced. The marina’s guest dock, boatyard dock and a portion of the rowing dock also were rebuilt.

“The harbor was able to use a number of the existing pilings, which proved to be a tremendous savings in both time and expense,”Bellingham Marine project manager Steve Canaday said in a statement.

Bellingham was the general contractor for much of the rebuild.

A lot of landside utility work was done during the rebuild. More than 15 new utility vaults were installed and more than 15,000 linear feet of conduit was laid to accommodate upgrades to the marina’s electrical system.

The Santa Cruz Port District began its rebuild efforts just three months after the tsunami hit. U-dock, which sustained the most damage, was the first to be replaced.

After the U-dock was completed, the harbor began to replace the rest of the marina’s docks that were damaged beyond repair. The harbor said the order of dock replacement was determined by need, based on the extent of damage each dock incurred and the amount of funding available.

“It’s been a long process, but our tenants have been great through it all,” port director Lisa Ekers said. “Our driving goal was to move as fast as possible with the funds available and to keep the daily disruptions to the harbor to a minimum.”