Bellingham Marine completes Newport landing dock


Located in Perotti Park in the heart of historic Newport, R.I., the city's new Harbor Shuttle Landing Facility has doubled the city's downtown water transit facilities, according to Bellingham Marine, which worked on the project.

The new L-shaped landing dock is part of Newport's efforts to enhance its capacity to handle ferry, cruise-ship and water-shuttle traffic. Heavy-duty concrete floats with glulam walers were selected for the project.

"With lots of boat traffic in the area and seasonal weather fronts, the water in the bay can get a little rough," said John Colonel, general manager for Bellingham Marine's Northeast division. "The Unifloat system with a double glulam waler was the right solution for the job and will serve the city of Newport well for decades to come."

According to an article on Newport Now, city officials hope that by expanding the park's facilities, the city will be better able to handle the arrival of passengers from the city's growing cruise ship traffic, encourage expanded use of waterborne transit and generate additional revenue through tie-up fees.