launches fundraising effort - Trade Only Today launches fundraising effort


Marine business review website BoaterRated LLC announced a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo.

"What a perfect way for us to raise social awareness — through a social crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo,” chief L. Carl Schellbach Jr. said in a statement. “Crowdfunding is a great way of raising money for us to further spread the word about the benefits of with additional outreach and marketing efforts to the entire U.S. boating community. Anyone who contributes at the various levels is offered a different incentive at each one." seeks to help boaters find and share objective information about local boating businesses anywhere in the United States.

The platform also offers marine businesses an effective way to get the word out about their services and build a positive online reputation. has experienced substantial growth during the past year, increasing its business listings to more than 20,000 marine businesses throughout the United States. The entire platform continues to be free for boaters and the marine businesses that serve them.

“The value of grows exponentially for all members of the boating community as more boaters sign up and share their experiences by writing reviews,” Schellbach said.

“It’s a big community — over 88 million people enjoyed at least one day of boating last year, and upwards of $120 billion were generated by boating. The vast majority of U.S. boaters are hard-working, middle-class men and women and their families who love the outdoors and relish the time they can spend on the water. The mission of is to help all boaters maximize the enjoyment of their investment of time and money in boating. As awareness of the resource spreads among boaters, the entire boating community benefits from an increase in the quantity and quality of the objective information contributed by boaters themselves about local boating services in all categories. By obtaining contributions through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, can continue to offer the basic platform free of charge.”


NMLA Joins MRAA as Partner

Through partner membership, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers can align their brands with the MRAA program.