CEproof assists with regulatory problems in Europe


CEproof announced that its dealer support program is providing a real-time troubleshooting service for non-European manufacturers that are having boat import and registration difficulties in Europe.

Because most regulatory problems happen unexpectedly and at the last moment, the key to the service from CEproof is the immediate response, the U.K.-based company said in a statement.

All customers of CEproof's CE marking services receive the dealer support program free; however, any organization can contact CEproof for support.

"The differing regulatory environments in each country can prove to be a time-consuming and costly minefield for dealers and owners alike," CEO Craig Morris said in a statement. "At CEproof, because of our in-depth technical expertise of the regulations around the world, we are able to take away the hassle and, in many cases, the considerable cost of dealing with unexpected challenges from regulators for our customers."

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