Connecticut deli goes afloat to serve customers


Clyde Ripka has never been one to keep his business landlocked.

The owner of Bull's Head Market, Ripka has Connecticut delis in Norwalk and Stamford, and his menu items can be found in cafeterias around Fairfield County, as well as the kiosk near the entrance to city hall in Norwalk.

But Ripka, a self-described entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in the restaurant business, has pushed his urban market-cafe out to sea.

"What I have done in my business life is just try to pick food and services that are needed in the area," Ripka tells The Hour in Norwalk, Conn. "Being a boater, I knew there was an opportunity for us to do something out there on the water."

On a recent Sunday the food boat was stocked with more than $1,600 in ready-made sandwiches, seafood, snacks, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream.

The items — prepared earlier that morning at the kitchen on Main Avenue in Norwalk — were packed with ice into coolers and loaded onto the boat.

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