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Our weekly roundup of dealers and distributors includes news from Mastercraft, Future Fibres and Paradox Marine.

MasterCraft announced the availability of its new mobile phone application that allows users to locate authorized MasterCraft dealerships.

The Dealer Locator mobile application gives consumers nationwide access to quickly find any local MasterCraft dealer by using their mobile device. The mobile interface allows searching capabilities based upon zip code, city and state.

The results display the full dealership contact information with one-click dialing, an interactive map, as well as point-to-point driving directions.

"MasterCraft has continuously been recognized as being on the forefront of award winning technology in the marine industry," CIO David Kirkland said in a statement. "Today, we are showcasing a new mobile application that allows any person to locate any MasterCraft dealer, anytime, anywhere and quicker than ever."

Click here to see the Dealer Locator application.

Click here for the full release.

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As part of Future Fibres' continued dealer expansion program, the composite rigging specialist named Easom Rigging and Racing as its official representative for California and the U.S. West Coast.

"We are delighted to be associated with any industry leader and Future Fibres is no exception," Easom owner Scott Easom said in a statement. "We have worked a lot with their products on Pyewacket and the Santa Cruz 52s, and the biggest thing for us is the effect their rigging has on the boat."

Future Fibres, based in Spain, also announced that new dealer agreements have been made with UTL in Istanbul, Turkey; KZ Marine in Auckland, New Zealand; FKG Marine Rigging, based in Cole Bay, St Maarten, and West Indies superyacht specialists Antigua Rigging.

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Boat security systems supplier Paradox Marine now offers acoustic technology to protect yachts, boats and marinas from intruders.

Inferno Intenso Sound Barriers generate a patented, unbearable noise frequency pattern that immediately immobilizes on-board intruders, robbing them of the time between alarm activation and arrival of law enforcement. A single Inferno Intenso covers up to 750 square feet.

"Inferno Intenso will be available as a stand-alone deterrent or integrated into our comprehensive boat security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance systems to offer boat owners additional peace of mind when they are away from their vessels," Paradox Marine president Jay Keenan said in a statement.


FarSounder Argos Series of Forward Looking Sonar

This video is an introduction and overview of the FarSounder Argos 3D Forward Looking Sonar (3D-FLS) navigation products. This video explains the components of the system and how they function. It also describes the most common features of FarSounder's SonaSoft™ processing software and how they are displayed on the user interface.