DealersCircle adds options to Web program


DealersCircle Inc., a Web-based marine industry provider that links the manufacturer, dealer and customer, updated its Web application for easier user interface and added enhancements.

“One of the most important changes our users will benefit from immediately is that DealersCircle now has cross-browser capabilities,” DealersCircle president Jamie Gaskins said. “Supporting today’s multiple available browsers, such as Windows-based Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, as well as Mac’s Safari, was a large priority and an underlying reason for our application rewrite.”

Beyond the cross-browser support changes, other enhancements/updates were written into the application. Important upgrades include the ability for each manufacturer user to customize its own home page by adding/removing widgets with a convenient “configure icon” and a new image uploader. With the new uploader, photos can be resized before they are uploaded, saving time, especially in regard to high-resolution photos. Other enhancements are as follows:

• Configurable Warranty Default Rate Types and Dealer Rates

• A new customer editor, where all products and claims associated with a specific customer can be found in one collected tab-friendly page

• Manufacturers can now add contact info for specific modules viewable for dealer’s use on product, warranty claim and parts editor

• Manufacturer now has added control over different aspects of the warranty claim submission

• Customer entry fields can be set as “required data fields” where applicable.


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