DealersCircle signs six new manufacturers

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DealersCircle, a marine industry website that links builders, dealers and customers, added six boat companies and their dealer networks to its list of clients: Nautique Boats, Key West Boats, BRIG/Sirocco RIBs, Iconic Marine Group, Twin Vee Catamarans and International Pontoons.

“Our proprietary software application has become a mainstay in the marine industry, helping support numerous brands for 15 years,” said Scott Davis, DealersCircle president, in a statement. “We simplify and automate the process of boat and parts ordering, warranty claims and customer follow-up, creating a smart, reliable link between the OEM, the dealer network and the end consumers.”

DealersCircle represents more than 21 boat brands and 1,000 dealers. The management system also promotes the use of customer support and document correspondence, such as scheduling the emailing of thank-you letters, service reminders, and notices concerning manufacturer and dealer discounts. It also has import and export features that allow data to be transmitted to external programs.