Freedom Boat Club locations promote franchisee’s new video

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A video created by Lisa Almeida, who owns Freedom Boat Club locations in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Fla., has generated more than 72,000 views and has been promoted by more than 50 of the company’s franchises.

Almeida produced the video to promote the boat-club lifestyle. She called it the “RX video” and said Freedom Boat Club is a “power prescription” to combat “21st Century Disorder.”

“Boating simply makes life better and more enjoyable, and the club makes getting on the water easy and enjoyable,” Almeida said in a statement. “My goal was to create a funny and inspirational video to help brand Freedom Boat Club while driving home the benefits of the boating lifestyle in a memorable way.”

Here is Almeida's video:

“It’s a fact that video is a major marketing strategy that resonates with the public,” Freedom Boat Club president and CEO John Giglio said in a statement. “We were excited to share Lisa Almeida’s video in our market area, and it generated positive response. Our corporate team is all about video in 2018 as we work to position and promote boating, along with the specific benefits of the boat-club and boat-sharing model.”

Almeida worked with TrueVine Communications of Atlanta to develop the script and 20Twenty Creative in Jacksonville for the video shoot and production. She used club members and an actor from northwest Florida for talent.

Once the video debuted, Almeida launched it across multiple social media platforms and made it available to the Freedom Boat Club franchise network throughout North America.


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