Interlux debuts new website


Yacht paint manufacturer Interlux launched a new website.

The site is designed to make it easier for boat owners and professional paint applicators to choose the right Interlux product, get technical information and support for any paint project.

"Much of the information available online about yacht paint is, frankly, pretty boring," North American marketing manager Elenor Ekman said in a statement. "With our new website, we've incorporated video, interactive tools and community-building techniques to engage visitors and make the process of gathering and using information about Interlux products and painting a boat a little more interesting."

"Paint Your Boat" allows boaters to see how different paint colors look on a hull. A new forum allows owners to ask questions and share information with each other. An enhanced "Ask The Expert" provides easier access to the extensive knowledge base and experience of the Interlux technical service staff.

Professional paint applicators now have a dedicated "microsite" within where they can get detailed information about Interlux yacht paint systems, calculate VOCs and quickly find a local distributor of Interlux products.