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Marina owner given tourism award


Craig Perry, general manager of Delin Docks and the Dock Street Marina in Tacoma, Wash., was recognized as the 2009 Tourism Professional of the Year by the Tacoma Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau.

A former Superfund cleanup site, the Thea Foss Waterway and Dock Street Marina were part of a massive redevelopment and economic revitalization project by the city of Tacoma. The marina opened five years ago and Perry has been at the helm for three years.

Under Perry's management, the Dock Street Marina is on track to increase its customer base by 40 percent this year. In 2009, guest moorage was fully booked 42 out of 52 weekends compared to 25 the year before.

"The Dock Street Marina embodies everything tourism can be to a destination. Visitors are all treated like a VIP. You don't just tie up and hop off: you disembark, are showered with gifts and are welcomed ashore like a long-lost friend," said Tammy Blount, president and CEO of the Tacoma Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau, in a statement. "Craig has worked tirelessly to make this happen."

Completed in 2005, Dock Street Marina was publicly commissioned to provide first-class, year-round permanent and guest moorage. The marina has 90 slips - ranging from 36 to 60 feet and pier ends to 120 feet - with approximately 20 available for guest moorage.