Marinalife debuts new website

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Marinalife, an online boating concierge and reservation service, launched a new website with an updated look and enhanced features.

Marinalife's mission is to connect boaters with marinas and marine service providers and the new website allows for a streamlined user experience with robust layers of resources, tools and special offers.

"We are excited about the launch of our new site. We put a lot of thought into the features and functionality that would make the site easy to use and that would serve both our boating and marina members. Member feedback also allowed us to tailor the site to what the users wanted," CEO Joy McPeters said in a statement.

The Marinalife blog is another new component of the website and is a supplement to the quarterly Marinalife Magazine so that news and events can be shared as they are happening.

Marinalife offers boaters a free 30-day trial, including a free one-year subscription to Marinalife Magazine; full membership is available with five levels ranging from $60 to 500 a year.

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