MarineMax board members recognized by WomenInc.

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Evelyn Follit

Evelyn Follit

MarineMax’s Evelyn Follit and Rebecca White were named 2019 Most Influential Corporate Board Directors by WomenInc. magazine.

“The entire board is proud and pleased that both Evelyn Follit and Rebecca White have been named as two of WomenInc. magazine’s Most Influential Corporate Board Members,” Brett McGill, MarineMax CEO and president, said in a statement. “Their combined intellect and extensive experience have proven invaluable to our board and its members.”

Rebecca White

Rebecca White

In its winter issue, WomenInc. recognizes women executives, influencers and achievers who serve on the corporate boards of public companies.

“It is essential that the achievements and success of professional women are showcased in the highest regard and their stories are told in meaningful ways,” Catrina Young, executive vice president and chief communications officer of WomenInc., said in the statement. “WomenInc. is proud to recognize this distinguished group of women serving on public boards. We are inspired by these accomplished executives, their distinguished careers and the corporations that demonstrate inclusive board composition.”

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