MarineMax debuts new website

MarineMax released a new website with a new look and feel that the company said is easier to navigate.

MarineMax released a new website with a new look and feel that the company said is easier to navigate and provides more resources for boaters.

The company said the website is its first step in optimizing its digital ecosystem to enhance the customer experience. The goal is to provide targeted and relevant content to users during the purchase process and throughout their boating life.

MarineMax said it has invested in robust technology to provide visitors with a more localized and personalized experience that displays content related to where they are and their local MarineMax facility.

“We are excited to optimize our digital presence by providing our customers with a fresh new experience,” MarineMax chief revenue officer Chuck Cashman said in a statement. “This will allow them to navigate the information and target the exact content they are looking for. Whether they are interested in events, the boating lifestyle or a specific model, this new website will have that upgraded functionality to allow our customers to find it quickly.”

The company said visitors to will notice the site’s modern, streamlined look. A few measures to note are the upgraded search functions, the New to Boating section and content based on the user’s location.

MarineMax said most content will now be based on users’ location and the environment, as well as their local store, giving each a personalized experience. The images reflect the type of boating in the user’s area and, moving forward, the company plans to extend this customization to more content on the site.

MarineMax said the New to Boating section is designed to highlight information that new or inexperienced boaters might find useful. This will include information about boat types, instructional videos and content illustrating the boating lifestyle.

The company said one of the most improved upgrades is the search capabilities. The main search bar now brings up results in different categories that allow users to determine their information needs more quickly.

Users can search through events based on their location, the dates of an event or the MarineMax store that is hosting it. This will allow the user to find events more easily. When searching for a boat, users now have the ability for an advanced search. Users can target their search results by selecting from a variety of categories. This will provide users with specific results based on their input, the company said.

“Our goal has been to build an exceptional website design that truly captures and promotes the MarineMax brand,” MarineMax COO Brett McGill said.

“We intend to deliver a customized and local-focused experience to highlight the local store’s offerings, events, team members and boat inventory. We want to entice users to explore the boating world outside of just boat ownership, including events, water-related activities, vacations and charters. The new website is our foundation as we continue improving the MarineMax digital experience.”