Montara signs 27 dealers

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After introducing the concept of the wakesurfing pontoon boat to the marine industry in mid-October, Montara has added 27 dealers to its network. It said in a statement that it has agreements pending with 23 more.

“I’ve not seen anything like this in quite some time,” Mark Overbye, Montara CEO, told Trade Only Today. “I’m a little incredulous that a dealer would sign up without even seeing the boat.”

Montara’s patent-pending Surf Boss is a boat that combines a wakesurfing hull with a pontoon layout. It is available in 21-, 23- and 25-foot lengths and carries up to 5,000 pounds of ballast. Base power is a 409-hp PCM V-drive inboard and engine options include a naturally aspirated 450-hp version and a supercharged 550-hp model. Overbye said that the boat cruises at 40 mph with the 409-hp version, with ballast empty.

The Surf Boss is available in three lengths.

The Surf Boss is available in three lengths.

Overbye says he hired “seasoned sales reps who know the right dealers in the right markets.” The company did its research and found that 52,000 pontoons were sold in the last 12 months. Montara targeted the areas where those boats were sold and went after the biggest dealers. “The reps went to their best dealers and said, ‘I’ve driven it, it works, I’m asking you to get on board with this,” said Overbye.

Overbye says the Montara line is competing with pontoon and wakesports dealers. Retail pricing for the Surf Boss starts at $65,000, which is competitive with wakesports and pontoon models in similar size ranges.

“If you look at what some of the entry-level towboat companies are doing, equipping their base boats the way you want it is $75,000 with a trailer,” said Overbye.

Montara will be on display next week at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo in Orlando.


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