My-Villages rolls out new online platform

My-Villages unveiled MyTaskit Pro, a new brand, name and product that seeks to help marine businesses streamline their operations.
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Task-sharing and coordination platform My-Villages unveiled MyTaskit Pro, a new brand, name and product that seeks to help recreational boat businesses streamline their operations.

MyTaskit Pro brings together the two leading marine solutions — The Boat Village Pro and DockMaster — in an integrated product that offers online service coordination with customers, task management, financial management, work order processing, inventory management, point of sale, marina management and sales management.

The platform also seeks to help service pros communicate and collaborate with clients online.

“MyTaskit Pro effectively combines the internal task coordination and operations strengths of DockMaster with the customer service coordination capabilities of The Boat Village Pro in a comprehensive solution,” My-Villages founder and CEO Kevin Hutchinson said in a statement.

“In speaking with many of our marine business customers and industry experts, it became clear what we do best with our software solutions for them is enable better task management and customer coordination,” Hutchinson said. “When task coordination and communication improve, customer satisfaction and internal efficiencies increase exponentially, leading to significantly increased business success.”

To manage tasks internally, service companies can use MyTaskit Pro to coordinate tasks among technicians, managers and subcontractors.

“Our business is all about task coordination. It's what we do,” American Custom Yachts CFO Ed Kelley said. “DockMaster has always been about task coordination internally, with tasks related to work orders, time sheets, invoices, etc. It's exciting to see how MyTaskit Pro combines DockMaster’s strengths with the customer service innovations of The Boat Village. Packaging these together with a focus on end-to-end task coordination and management makes sense.”