One pound of trash at a time

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MarineMax said it is supporting non-profit group 4ocean by incentivizing MarineMax owners to pull garbage out of the oceans.

“MarineMax is a proud supporter for cleaner oceans and will gift 4ocean bracelets to new customers with every boat purchase,” said Abbey Heimensen, MarineMax director of marketing in a statement. “MarineMax is constantly looking for new opportunities to support organizations that align with our values and our mission. 4ocean is a company that works on a global level to reduce pollution in our oceans. Conservation is a project that our customers, our team members, and our shareholders can get behind.”

Heimensen said her company is concerned about more than 7,000,000 tons of trash that has been dumped in the world’s oceans because it impacts the boating lifestyles of its owners. 4ocean is dedicated to helping solve the “world’s plastic pollution crisis,” said Heimensen. The association actively removes trash from the oceans, while challenging boaters and other ocean users to remove one pound of trash at a time.

"We are very excited for MarineMax's support towards a cleaner ocean," said Brenton Schulze, 4ocean's director of sales in the statement. "By offering new customers a way to pull a pound of trash from the ocean, we hope they will be more conscious of their actions on the water and on land."