VIDEO: Axis Wake Research debuts new A24

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With the launch of its 2018 A24 on Thursday, Axis Wake Research unveiled its largest model to date, as well as the new Power Wedge II hydrofoil.

The boat also features a multi-position Sliding Skybox Seat that gives the boat a 17-person capacity, including a front lounge and storage.

“There’s no question that the Axis A24 is the best value in its class,” Malibu Boats vice president of sales and marketing Eric Bondy said in a statement. “The A24 makes an amazing family boat offering something for everyone. You can take a big crew out on the water, and the A24 can customize wakes and waves for any rider. With the addition of Power Wedge II, the infinite wake and wave adjustability previously only available on Malibu takes Axis to a new level.”

For 2018, the Axis Performance Surf Package adds the Power Wedge II hydrofoil as an option. It can add as much as 1,500 pounds of extra wake-carving capability. When combined with as much as 3,370 pounds of available ballast, the Power Wedge II can help the A24 generate large wakes, Axis Research said. The hydraulic Surf Gate customizes the wake into a large wave for surfing on each side of the boat.

At the helm there are three-in-one gauges and the driver controls the systems with soft-key switches. The rider can adjust the Power Wedge II, Surf Gate boat speed and tower volume with the Surf Band wrist remote.

The A24’s stereo includes helm and transom remotes and Surf Gate signaling so the rider knows when a side-to-side transition is about to happen.

As with all Axis models, the boat comes standard with a 6-liter Monsoon engine rated at 450 foot-pounds of torque and has an electric shift.   


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