VIDEO: At Hodgdon Yachts, an appreciation for wooden boats


Hodgdon Yachts, a sail and motor yacht builder based in East Boothbay, Maine, was founded in 1816.

“5 Generations of Hodgdons, 411 yachts and ships,” is proudly proclaimed on the builder’s website.

Hodgdon’s core business remains custom yacht building, but in recent years the builder has branched out into other areas, such as yacht servicing and building high-end yacht tenders and tugboat pilothouse towers.

Hodgdon recently opened offices in Newport, R.I., and Monaco.

In an interesting, back-to-basics video feature done by the Portland Press Herald, staff photographer and writer Whitney Hayward profiles employee Chip Haggett, who constructs wooden half models, which were once used as a blueprint by boatbuilders, because he enjoys the building process and the unique feel of wood.

“It’s a holdover from the Old World, really. Traditionally, what a person would do if they wanted a boat made, they’d go to a builder, and a builder would get an idea of what the person wanted based on these half models,” said Haggett, who now makes half models after the fact as mementos for clients.

“Today, I’m doing it backwards,” he said.


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