Boston Yacht Sales rebrands

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A sextant is the company’s secondary logo.

A sextant is the company’s secondary logo.

Boston Yacht Sales has rebranded as Boston Yacht and has debuted a new website, logo, font and secondary logo. The logo, which has always featured Boston Lighthouse, has evolved over the 66 years the company has been in business, but this is the most dramatic branding change in Boston Yacht’s history, said owner Michael Myers.

“It was time,” said business development manager Rhonda Corey-Myers. “People are afraid to change, and things like, who do you trust to help you make a change?”


Corey-Myers chose the new logo — a clean and simple lighthouse next to the words “Boston Yacht,” and “Since 1953” in small letters underneath.

“It’s a really interesting process because there are so many different types of people you’re trying to reach,” Corey-Myers said. “It was the same as designing the website. We started last spring, so it took the better part of a year.”


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