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EBI to partner on U.N. oceans initiative

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European Boating Industry, the marine trade association of the European Union, said it will be a partner with the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science and Sustainable Development Goals. EBI said in a statement that the partnership would strengthen “its action for environmental and economic sustainability and its commitment to U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.” EBI said it will also lead the “environmental engagement” of Europe’s recreational boating industry.

The United Nations earlier proclaimed 2021-2030 as the “Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development” in order to draw attention to the health of oceans and bring together stakeholders that can work toward more sustainable development.

“Engagement with the various branches of ocean science is key to develop policy at European level that is geared towards sustainability,” said EBI president Jean-Pierre Goudant in the statement.

“Our industry promotes clean and healthy oceans, and we are engaged to achieve economic and environmental sustainability,” added Philip Easthill, secretary general of EBI, in the statement. “It is a transition that requires strong support by policy-makers at the European, regional and national level.”

The EBI International breakfast meeting at boot Düsseldorf on Jan. 21 will bring together the European Commission and important industry actors to discuss sustainable boating and de-carbonization, said the statement. EBI was also involved in the Pharos4MPAs project with non-governmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and other research institutes. The groups developed recommendations for marine conservation in Marine Protected Areas.


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