Fostering “marine social responsibility” across the boating industry

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The Marine Social Responsibility Consultancy - making a splash in eco-marine

A marketing and public agency has launched in the U.K. with the mission of helping brands, companies and organizations “better connect with the issue of the world’s marine health.”

The Marine Social Responsibility Consultancy said its work for clients will be dedicated to the health of oceans and seas.

“For us, it’s all about communications with purpose, with a laser focus on positively impacting the health of our oceans and seas,” said Matthew McKenna, co-founder. “We are a passionate marketing and communications consultancy with a collective goal – to be the catalyst for brands and businesses to connect with this critically important issue in a meaningful way.”

The agency’s team has worked with marine-industry clients in the U.K. through its sister agency, McKenna Townsend. The list includes the National Marine Aquarium, Ocean Saviour,, Sunseeker, Condor Ferries and BLUE Marine Foundation. The projects included establishing marine reserves, educational outreach programs, thought-leadership initiatives, marine global ocean clean-up projects and plastics-reduction schemes.

“While many brands and companies want to get involved and have a positive impact on the world’s marine health, they don’t know where to start,” said Sarah Townsend in the statement. “We will work closely with them to consul, research, develop and help implement marine social responsibility programs that will do some real good in the world. In doing so, we will help to enhance reputations, while spreading the marine social responsibility word.”

“We are in an era of social enterprise,” added McKenna. “More so than ever before, the most respected and desirable companies exist not only to be successful, but to use their success and influence to help solve social and environmental problems. Being marine socially responsible creates opportunities and gives back to the world and the communities which we live in.”

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