Power-Pole sponsors plastic cleanup

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Power Pole sponsors the program and its employees participate as well.

Power Pole sponsors the program and its employees participate as well.

JL Marine Systems Inc., which makes Power Pole shallow-water anchors, is the primary sponsor of the American Advertising Federation’s Plastic Brigade campaign in the organization’s 4 district.

JL Marine is made up of anglers and outdoors enthusiasts. In a statement, the company said, “As anglers, we understand that the conservation of those resources is essential to the enjoyment we receive. As a company built by anglers, we also understand that protecting our waters is essential to the long-term health of the marine and boating industry.”

Plastic debris is one of the biggest threats to the marine ecosystem. “In an effort to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on our shorelines and the environment our volunteer team of advertising professionals and affiliate organizations is conducting a public service campaign to promote sustainable packaging, recycling and proper plastic disposal,” AAF 4th District governor Mike Weber said in the statement. “The underwriting from Power-Pole gives us the support we needed to provide branding identity to our volunteers and fully develop our awareness campaign.”

Power-Pole’s Community Action Service Team coordinates JL Marine’s community outreach and conservation efforts, supporting charities, nonprofits and other organizations that served the boating and fishing communities.

“We as anglers need to do our best to keep our waters and estuaries free from plastic,” Dan Benson, Power-Pole national sales manager and C.A.S.T.net committee member, said. “The goals of AAF’s Plastic Brigade are not only to clean up the environment but to educate everyone about how plastic affects our fisheries.”

The plastics initiative includes an awareness and education campaign about the harmful effects of plastic on the marine environment, particularly in Florida and the Caribbean where the AAF’s 4 district is located. According to Plastic Free America, the average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year and 50 percent of that plastic was used once before it was disposed of.

The Ad Federation’s team of advertising professionals and affiliate organizations will promote a campaign focused on sustainable packaging, recycling and proper plastic disposal. The message will be spread through print, outdoor, radio, podcasts and social media.

AAF will also be coordinating beach clean-ups and the first event will be held in locations around Florida. To learn more, go to https://plasticbrigade.com/.


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