2018 U.S. boat registrations relatively flat

2018 registrations

Total U.S. boat registrations in 2018 edged slightly down, -0.8 percent, according to new data released by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

The estimated number of boats in use, including those that are not registered, was 15.8 million in 2018, according to the new-boat registration section of the 2018 statistical abstract.

“Boat registrations in the U.S. have been relatively flat for the past five years, with just under 12 million boats registered, and down from all-time highs of 12.9 million registered boats in 2005,” NMMA president Dr. Thom Dammrich told Trade Only Today in an email. “We can expect boat registrations to stay in this range unless new boat unit sales increase significantly from current levels.”

The top 20 states had roughly 76 percent of registered boats, and 32 percent of registered boats are concentrated in the top five states: Florida (925,141), Minnesota (819,317), Michigan (795,374), California (670,102) and Wisconsin (614,750).

For the 15th consecutive year, the Great Lakes region has had the densest concentration of registered boats per household, followed by the South Atlantic region which includes Florida, the state with the most registered boats.

The Great Lakes region accounted for 27.5 percent of boats registered by the states in 2018. It also had the most boats per capita, with one registered boat for every 6.3 households.


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