ABYC announces new online courses

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The American Boat and Yacht Council will launch one new online education course each quarter for marine technicians and people who work on their own boats. The organization said in a statement it will start this month with a course called “AC Dock Pedestal Testing.” It will also release free micro-courses for ABYC members.

Ed Sherman, vice president of education, said the new courses go beyond ABYC’s traditional “standards based” programming by addressing “everyday problems” that service personnel face. “Our goal in offering scheduled monthly and quarterly updates is to create an environment where technicians will feel comfortable and acquire the updates they need to stay relevant in their career pathways,” Sherman said in the statement.

The courses will allow ABYC members to accumulate Continuing Education Units, which are required to maintain certifications with ABYC and other organizations.

“AC Dock Pedestal Testing” features Sherman and ABYC instructor Rob Berenwick testing various voltage ranges, voltage drop, ground integrity, short circuit current, the functionality of the available GFCIs and leakage current. The course provides a thorough look at many of the tests required by the National Fire Protection Association in its electrical codes applying to marinas and docks.

A preview video of the course is available on youtube.com.

“In today’s faced-paced world, keeping up with technical change has become increasingly challenging and more important than ever,” Sherman said. “Online learning is a great tool to help students say when, where and how new skills are learned and keep up to date with emerging technology trends.”

More information about the course can be found here